we are in the business of extraordinary people And exceptional products

We are powered by people, and our collective goal is to get the best products into the hands of everyone everywhere. Seeded in nature and grown in science, are roots proudly stem from our East Asian heritage, but our vision and our mission is unrestricted by geography, language, or culture.

The best of everywhere

The best of

We are dedicated to providing the best of everywhere to our Partners and our Customers and we don’t just mean our ingredients. Our mission is to be truly borderless when it comes to sourcing ingredients, community, tools, inspiration, and wisdom. We don’t want to stop at the best of east meets west – we want the best of north, south, east, and west.

These are the puzzle pieces that make up Fluoressa and the only piece missing is you.

Are you the right fit?
Let us introduce you to NMN.

Let us introduce
you to NMN.

Discover the benefits of cellular energy, repair, and defense. Our NMN 9000 & 2000 revitalizes and nourishes your cells. NMN boosts your body’s production of NAD+. NAD+ is vital for healthy aging, and levels decline as we age.

  • Promote a healthy cellular aging process*
  • Activate sirtuins, which play a key role in cellular health*
  • Support cellular energy and helps maintain healthy DNA*
  • Maintain vital processes in your cells including defense and repair*
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Why Direct Selling

Why Direct

We weren’t always sure Fluoressa would enter the direct selling world – not because we didn’t believe in it but because we were unfamiliar with it. There is a lot of misinformation out there about direct selling and it can be hard to sort out the fact from the fiction. So, we took it upon ourselves to do as much research as possible and see if it would be the right business model for Fluoressa.

In our journey to learn more about the industry, we found the answer to the “why direct selling?” question in seven simple facts:

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.